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Whitewood to Winnipeg Bus By Rider Express


Select your travel date for the Whitewood to Winnipeg trip to see the prices and availability.

When you select the travel options, you will see the buses. Results will contain all details about the travel steps, price, bus amenities, seat availability, pickup location at Whitewood and drop off location at Winnipeg.


Bus from Whitewood to Winnipeg

Rider Express Bus From Whitewood To Winnipeg
This trip is operating by Rider Express.
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Available Bus/Vehicle Schedules From Whitewood To Winnipeg

NameRider Express Bus From Whitewood To Winnipeg (134)
Departure Time01:20 am
Arrival Time07:30 am
Price (Starting From)90.47 CAD (price is valid until 2024-12-31)
Origin Bus Stop
1206 SK-1, Whitewood, Saskatchewan, Canada S0G 5C0
Our stop is at Coop Gas Station at 1206 SK-1.
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Whitewood public:G.busStop public:PageBlocks.web.contentComponents.stationImages.outsideVisionFromStreet
public:G.outsideVisionFromStreet - Whitewood public:G.busStop
Whitewood G.busStation G.mapScreenshot
public:G.mapPosition Whitewood public:G.busStop
Destination Bus Stop
936 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3A 1N2
Maple Bus Lines Bus Depot
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Winnipeg public:G.busStop public:PageBlocks.web.contentComponents.stationImages.outsideVisionFromStreet
public:G.outsideVisionFromStreet - Winnipeg public:G.busStop
Winnipeg G.busStation G.mapScreenshot
public:G.mapPosition Winnipeg public:G.busStop
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