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Brandon to Bethune Bus


Bus from Brandon to Bethune and from Bethune to Brandon

Plan your travel with Rider Express bus from Brandon to Bethune. Also a return trip is available with our coach bus service from Bethune to Brandon.

Rider Express offers intercity bus services across Canada. We have a wide coverage over Canada for bus travelers to see the wonders of the Canada. Travelling from Brandon to Bethune is one of these trip options that we offer for Canadians and tourists.

Discover Bethune by booking your bus ticket from our online ticket system for the trip from Brandon to Bethune and explore the area between them.

Follow this link to find the bus trip options.

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Departure time from Brandon and arrival time to Bethune are convenient to make your travel planning easier and simple. You can check all schedules by just reaching the purchase link above or visiting route details page to see all bus schedules we offer between Brandon and Bethune.

Our bus ticket purchase system gives the ability to book your bus ticket online from your phone, tablet or computer.

Check your Brandon to Bethune itinerary from any device online now.

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This travel contains connections. Steps are below;

Where are the Rider Express bus pickup location at Brandon and drop-off location at Bethune?

When you need to travel by bus from Brandon to Bethune or from Bethune to Brandon, you will be centrally located to move in the city. Also you will be as close as possible to transit system both in Brandon and Bethune.

When you travel by bus with Rider Express from the Brandon to Bethune, you will depart our bus at the 1845 Middleton Ave , Brandon, Manitoba, R7C 1A9 in Brandon.

Note: In front of Tim Hortons at 1845 Middleton Ave.

Your Brandon to Bethune bus will arrive at the Bethune, Saskatchewan in Bethune.


When you return from Bethune to Brandon, the bus departure location will be Bethune, Saskatchewan in Bethune.

Return bus from Bethune to Brandon will arrive at the 1845 Middleton Ave , Brandon, Manitoba, R7C 1A9 in Brandon.

When you book your bus from ticket purchase page for Brandon to Bethune, we will send you and email contains every details about your trip and trip pickup and drop off locations.

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Brandon Bus Stop Images

Brandon Bus Stop PageBlocks.web.contentComponents.stationImages.outsideVisionFromStreet
Outside Vision From Street - Brandon Bus Stop
Brandon G.busStation G.mapScreenshot
Map Position Brandon Bus Stop

What amenities are included on a bus from Brandon to Bethune?

  • Free Wi-Fi on the bus
  • Individual power outlets for your power needs (Phone, laptop etc)
  • Reclining seats
  • Restroom
  • Seatbelts

When you use Rider Express bus for travel, you can focus on the amazing view on the road and what most matters for you in the travelling time.

You don't need to focus on driving and lose your time.

Travel with our comfortable seats and capture photos and videos of the views from the bus travelling route.

You can reach internet with free bus Wi-Fi on Rider Express buses. Capture the views on the road and share them with your loved ones.

Do you want to use laptop or phone and you need charge on bus?

Use your personal power outlet on bus to charge your phone, tablet or laptop and connect to the Wi-Fi to be fully connect on the road. Rider Express buses give you full connectivity and entertainment on the road while you are travelling.

Rider Express is going to get you to the destination you want to go. Bus travel with us will be comfortable and time gaining.

We care about your comfort on your bus travel. You can use restroom of the bus if you need on the road.

Our buses are latest models and luxury.

Buses have many additional amenities and they are equipped with seatbelts and reclining seats. You can adjust your seat for your comfort and safety to reach your destination and loved ones.

You can make your travel with Rider Express from Brandon to Bethune for your personal travels or business travels. We will get you covered and carry to destination conveniently.

Remember that seats are limited, so make sure to plan ahead and book early for your Brandon to Bethune trip!


Bus ticket prices for the bus from Brandon to Bethune

You will save money by purchasing a bus ticket with Rider Express from Brandon to Bethune. All our bus tickets are affordable, so Brandon to Bethune bus ticket is not different from our affordable intercity travel policy.

Our prices is listed on our web application so you can visit Book Bus Tickets From Brandon To Bethune to see our bus schedules, prices, trip details, bus departure status and more.

Select the best schedule for yourself according to the price to purchase by visiting Book Bus Tickets From Brandon To Bethune and reserve your seat on the bus from Brandon to Bethune.

Reserving bus tickets for your Brandon to Bethune trip is made simple online with you computer, table or by smartphone on https://riderexpress.ca. Our online helper applications are all mobile friendly and designed to make your bus reservation comfortable and easy.


Availability and booking for a Rider Express bus travel from Brandon to Bethune

Our bus tickets are available to book online so you can see all schedules and their availabilities just by going to our website. Be aware that any particular bus schedule from Brandon to Bethune can be available now and you can book it, but can be fully booked later. So, please consider planning your bus travel early and reserve your ticket from our online bus ticket booking page for a ticket for a Brandon to Bethune bus.

We hope you will enjoy your trip with our express bus service and find fun in Bethune.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the location of the bus pick-up station in Brandon?

The bus pick-up station in Brandon is located at 1845 Middleton Ave , Brandon, Manitoba, R7C 1A9. (In front of Tim Hortons at 1845 Middleton Ave.) Find more details for our Brandon bus station, visit Brandon.

What is the location of the bus drop-off station in Bethune?

The bus drop-off station in Bethune is located at Bethune, Saskatchewan. (TOWN SIGN LOCATION) Find more details for our Bethune bus station, visit Bethune.

How much is a one-way bus ticket price from Brandon to Bethune?

A one-way bus ticket price from Brandon to Bethune starts at $123.81 CAD, depending on availability and promotions. For the best fares, we recommend booking in advance. Book Bus Tickets From Brandon To Bethune

What is the duration of the bus journey from Brandon to Bethune?

The bus journey from Brandon to Bethune typically takes around , depending on traffic and other factors.

How many buses in a day do you have from Brandon to Bethune?

Our daily average bus count is 1. In the next 7 days Rider Express has 1 bus working from Brandon to Bethune in total.

The exact number of departures varies depending on the day of the week and the time of year. For the most up-to-date information on departure times and schedules, please check ticket booking page for Brandon to Bethune bus. Book Bus Tickets From Brandon To Bethune

Does this bus service from Brandon to Bethune require any bus transfers or is it a direct route?

This bus service from Brandon to Bethune has 0 transfer during the journey. Additional information, including transfer schedule and transfer time, will be provided in the e-ticket sent to the passenger via email upon booking. This bus service will require transfers at Regina station.

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