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Our stop is at Esso Gas Station - 915 W Columbia St. (at the crossing of Columbia St W and McGill Road)
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Kamloops Bus Station

Our bus station is located at 915 W Columbia St, Kamloops, British Columbia, V2C 1L5.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to get to Kamloops?

There can be multiple ways to travel to Kamloops. Travelling to Kamloops with Rider Express by bus is the most affordable and comfortable way. Save money while you are travelling with our cheap bus tickets and make a comfortable travel with the amenities of our buses like power outlet and wifi on the bus. Also you will make a good impact on environment by using a our environmentally friendly bus service. Using your own vehicle for a long travel will produce unnecessary carbon footprint of yours and also additional traffic on the roads. So we encourage everyone use a bus for travels to make a positive impact on both environment and traffic.


How do I buy a bus ticket to another city from Kamloops?

You can book your Rider Express bus ticket from any possible city to Kamloops by 4 options;


How many bus stations does Rider Express have in Kamloops, British Columbia?

Rider Express has 1 bus stop(s) in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Our bus station(s) in Kamloops, British Columbia are listed below;

We offer coach bus services to cities and towns throughout British Columbia and beyond in Canada from Kamloops bus station and other bus stations listed above.


Destinations From Kamloops with Rider Express

With Rider Express, you can travel to 52 locations from Kamloops by Bus. You can find the list of the travel destinations below.
Click any of the links below and see more details about your travel from Kamloops to your destination city.
Bus pickup address at Kamloops 915 W Columbia St, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, V2C 1L5
Our stop is at Esso Gas Station - 915 W Columbia St. (at the crossing of Columbia St W and McGill Road)
CoordinatesLat: 50.66959 Lon: -120.35384
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